80 kw

Top Speed
120 km/h

3.6 sec

200 kg

About the car

2021 was the most successful year in our history, making us one of the top 5 teams in the world. The car weighed 200kg, using an Emrax 228cc HV engine and 7.5″ Hoosier tires. Our team managed to win their first competition: FS Czech 2021. We also took 2nd place in the Endurance event at the FS Germany competition, one of the more challenging Formula Student competitions, leading us to 5th place in FS Germany.Other results include 8th place in FS Netherlands.In the static events we also achieved 4th place in FS East and 8th place in FS Germany during the Cost & Manufacturing competition and 3rd place in the Business Plan Presentation competition during FS Czech.Prom Racing never stops looking for innovative ways to push the boundaries and excel challenges, expanding its historical legacy during these games.

Achievements in the season:

1st Overall (FS Czech)

5th Overall (FS Germany)

2nd Place Endurance (FS Germany)

5th Cost (FS Germany)

8th Overall (FS East)