History Timeline

  • 2008 - Establishment

    The year 2008 was the year Prom Racing Team was established by 5 undergraduate mechanical engineers, who were influenced by their love for motorsports. Those undergraduates studied and designed a Formula-type racing car, specially formed to comply with the regulations of the Formula Student World competition. Once the team was newly established, there were no available financial and non- resources, so as to proceed to the manufacturing of the racing car, that was designed. Nonetheless, we managed to gain the first place in Class 3 (only design of the racing car, not including the manufacturing of it) in FS Italy, where our team was given encouraging feedback regarding its mechanical design.

  • 2011 - Suzie

    In 2011, a couple of years after our team's establishment, Prom Racing was reconstructed and manufactured the very first racing car in its history. The competitions, which we took part in that year were FS Italy – 32nd place – and FS Hungary – 25th place – where we won the 1st place at the static event Cost & Manufacturing.

  • 2012-2014 - Pause

    The period 2012-2014 was a transitional period for our team, since several of the members of the 2011 team retired from it, due to the completion of their studies. This led to the team's operation being paused for a time period of three years.

  • 2015-2016 - P16 (Inna)

    In 2015, new members arrested the pause of our team's operation and rebuilt the team. Those members proceeded to the study, design and manufacturing of the second racing car in team's history, gaining the 24th place in FS Czech, where our team was given encouraging feedback regarding its improvement on the mechanical design of the car through the years.

  • 2017 - P17

    In 2017, our members studied anew and developed the racing car of 2016 and, based on the last year's feedback, they made some modifications, managing to climb up to the 18th place in FS Austria, one of the most challenging competitions worldwide. Moreover, we even succeeded in finishing the most demanding task of the competition, the Endurance, for the very first time.

  • 2018 - P18 (Tanya)

    In 2018, our team decided to follow, for a very first time, a one-year plan, throughout of which it designed and manufactured the third racing car of Prom Racing within an academic year and took part in 2 of the most challenging competitions in the world. Thus, we participated in FS Hungary, gaining the, really high, 7th place and FS Austria, where the success was equally satisfying and we gained the 11th place. In the BPP static event, we placed 3rd and 2nd in Hungary and Austria respectively. In Austria, we, also, won 2nd place in the static event Cost & Manufacturing and 3rd place in Skidpad, winning the first award in a dynamic event, throughout our history.

  • 2019 - P19 (Delia)

    Our team followed a one-year plan again and participated, with our fourth racing car, in the three most challenging competitions throughout the world, that is in Hungary (10th place), Austria (9th place) and Germany (10th place), finishing the Endurance task in two of them. Our team was more ready than ever, while the car proved to be very fast, winning 4th and 6th place in Autocross, in Hungary and Austria respectively. Our team won for the very first time in both its and Greece's history, first place in a dynamic event. Specifically, in the Hungarian competition, we won the Skidpad event, against a total of 30 teams, while we almost broke the all-time world record, falling short by just 0.02 sec. Furthermore, we claimed 3rd place in the Design & Engineering Event in Austria, while we came in 10th place in the overall ranking among 60 teams in the most demanding competition globally, this of Germany, notching the best performance of all time, regarding the Greek teams. We also won the special prize for the most innovative racing car in the Hungarian competition and the Business Plan Presentation subclass managed to gain a place in TOP 7, in all three competitions. Last but not least, in Germany, we made it to the Design Finals, getting Prom Racing to be the first ever Greek team to achieve such a feat and we won 4th place in the Efficiency event.

  • 2020 - P20 (v) e-Liza

    The year 2019-2020 was a very unusual year for us. After our highly successful seasons in the combustion category of the competition, for the Greek data, we decided to take the next step and make the transition to the electric category. Our team participated in January in the established process of "Quiz", and won the 1st place in the world in the "Quiz" for Formula Student East. It also secured its participation in the Formula Student Austria and Formula Student Germany competitions. However, the spread of the pandemic led to the cancellation of all competitions and for a period, due to lockdown, the construction of the vehicle stopped. However, we decided to participate in Formula Student Online, the first online competition, which highlights the "reflexes" of the institution to keep pace with the requirements and needs of the time. There, our team won the 6th place in the statics` overall standings. More specifically, we won 6th place in the Business Plan8th place in the Concept Design Challenge and 11th place in the Engineering Design Event.

  • 2021 - P20 (e-liza)

    The year 2021 was the most successful year in our history, marking us as a top 5 team in the world. Our team managed to win its first ever competition: FSC 2021. We also snatched a 2nd place during the FSG Endurance event, one of the most competitive events in Formula Student, leading us to an overall 5th place in the FSG. Rest of the results include an 8th place in FS East and a 12th place in the FSN. Static events where also a great success. We achieved a 4th place in the FS East and 8th place in the FSG during the Cost & Manufacturing event and a 3rd place in the Business Plan Presentation event during the FSC. Prom Racing never stops looking for innovative ways to push boundaries and overcome challenges, expanding its historic heritage during those competitions.

  • 2022 - P22

    The racing year 2021-2022  was a learning station for Prom Racing. Being our second year in the electric category of the competition, our team was prepared to continue the hunt for awards. During the Hungarian competition, having already passed the necessary electrical and mechanical inspections, a breakdown occurred in the team's battery box which was outside the car, in compliance with all safety rules and guidelines, and no work was carried out on it. However, the members of Prom Racing remained focused on the hunt for distinctions and despite the adversities our team managed for the first time in its history to win 1st Place in the Business Plan Presentation Event and to take 4th place in the Cost and Manufacturing Event.

  • 2023 - P23

    The year 2023 was a year of innovation for Prom Racing. Our team built the first autonomous electric single-seater and adopted new technologies at the engineering level. Having passed the Quiz process, we decided to participate in competitions in Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Germany. Although we did not manage to compete in the driverless category, the progress made left the team members fully satisfied, and they will continue to work in the same direction in the coming years. The most notable achievements of the season were the 3rd place in the static Cost and Manufacturing event in Hungary and the 4th place in Autocross in the Czech Republic. Finally, Prom Racing celebrated its fifteenth anniversary with a grand event at Building X of the National Technical University of Athens, at the School of Mechanical Engineering, showing determination to continue making history.

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