Top Speed
120 km/h

4.2 sec

180 kg

About the car

In 2019 we continued with the one-year plan and built our fourth racing car, which had a weight of 180kg, a KTM 500 EXC 510cc engine and 7.5″ Hoosier tires. We participated in three of the most demanding competitions in the world, namely Hungary (10th place), Austria (9th place) and Germany (10th place), finishing the Endurance in two of them.Our team showed itself more ready than ever, while the car proved to be very fast, taking 4th and 6th place in the Autocross in Hungary and Austria respectively Our team won for the first time in its history, as well as in Greece, the 1st place in a dynamic competition. At the same time, we took 3rd place in the Design & Engineering Event in Austria, while we took 10th place in the overall ranking among 60 teams in the most demanding competition in the world, that of Germany, marking the best performance of a Greek team in history. We also won the special award for the most innovative racing car in the Hungarian competition and the Business Plan Presentation subgroup managed to take, in all three competitions, a position within the TOP 7. Finally, in Germany, we were in the Design Finals, being the first Greek team to achieve this and we won the 4th place in Efficiency.

Achievements in the season:

1st Place Skippad (FS East)

4th Place Autocross (FS East)

3rd Place Engineering Design (FS Austria)

5th Place Business Plan Presentation (FS Austria)

4th Place Efficiency (FS Germany)

10th Overall (FS Germany)