80 kw

Top Speed
120 km/h

3.6 sec

184 kg

About the car

The racing year 2021-2022 was a learning station for Prom Racing. Being our second year in the electric category of the competition, our team was primed to continue the pursuit of honors. The built car weighed 185kg, using an Emrax 228cc HV engine and 7.5″ Hoosier tyres. During the Hungarian competition, having already passed the necessary electrical and mechanical checks, the team’s battery box which was outside the car failed , observing all the rules and safety specifications, and no work was being carried out on it. However, the members of Prom Racing remained focused on the hunt for distinctions and despite the adversities, our team managed to win 1st Place in the Business Plan Presentation event for the first time in its history and to win 4th place in the Cost and Manufacturing Event.

Achievements in the season:

1st Place Business Plan (FS East)

4th Place Cost and Manufacturing (FS East)