P23 is the team’s first autonomous electric car. The new technologies at the mechanical level, the car’s drivertrain and the new safer battery box make it the most advanced and upgraded racing car in the team’s history.

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Prom Racing is a student team of the National Technical University of Athens that builds a Formula racing car every year and participates in international Formula Student competitions. Our team is based on the knowledge, skills and individual efforts of its members. Our primary goal is continuous development in a changing and competitive environment, such as that of Formula Student!

Rollout Event 2023

Prom Racing successfully presented its new electric and autonomous car at this year’s Roll Out Event, which took place in the School of Architecture’s Averoff Building. The launch was attended by supporters and sponsors of the team, while friends and family also showed up to support Prom Racing at this important moment.

Formula Student

Formula Student is an established global engineering competition. Around five hundred teams from leading polytechnics around the world study, design and build a Formula racing car and are evaluated both on the performance of the car on the track and on factors such as mechanical design, costing and financial viability of the Project.

Our Goals

Despite financial challenges due to transitioning to electric racing and economic conditions, the team mitigates by creating a detailed budget and offering professional compensatory benefits to attract sponsors. Building strong sponsor relationships remains a key goal.

Strategic recruitments throughout the year are facilitating the team’s gradual transition to the Driverless Class of Formula Student within two years, highlighting a focused approach to team structure planning.

The team aims to enhance the Full Carbon Monocoque Chassis for weight reduction, lower center of gravity, and increased stiffness, aligning with a new Powertrain. Advanced aerodynamics and motor selection optimize performance and telemetry improves range and speed.

Prom Racing’s Marketing Department aims to establish the brand and promote Formula Student Competition awareness in Greece. They’ve revamped social media strategy for a loyal audience and introduced “Prom Show,” a YouTube series showcasing team routines and challenges.


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Address: Building ”Ξ”, School of Mechanical Engineering NTUA, Zografou, 157 72, Greece

Contact Email: promracing.ntua@gmail.com