KTM 510cc

180 kg

About the car

In 2018, our team embarked on a one-year plan for the first time, during which they designed and built their third ever racing car in one academic year. The car weighed 180kg and used a KTM 500 EXC 510cc engine and 7.5″ Hoosier tires. We took part in 2 of the most demanding competitions in the world, in Hungary and Austria. At the Hungarian FS we achieved a very high 7th place and in FS of Austria, where we took 11th place.In the static event BPP we took 3rd and 2nd place respectively in Austria.In addition, we took 2nd place in the static event Cost & Manufacturing and 3rd in Skidpad, taking the first prize in our history, in dynamic competition.

Achievements in the season:

5th Place Skidpad (FS East)

7th Place Endurance (FS East)

7th Place Efficiency (FS East)

7th Place Overall (FS East)