Benefits of Sponsoring

 Our team can provide a company, whether internally or internationally, with efficient advertising. The team attracts a large number of interest from the public, at all times. This in turn, attracts the media. We have the ability to display any company logo on the car during all our events and participations in competitions. This is, therefore, an excellent opportunity to provide any company with a multitude of advertising opportunities. 

Educational Contribution:

 Our contribution to education, is our constant research effort. We promote scientific thought, develop projects that enhance the ranking of the NTUA, acquire key professional skills and leadership qualities that we share and learn from leaders in the fields of engineering. All the attributes are wholly due to our sponsors. 

Future Professional Development:

 Sponsors are in direct contact with graduates and companies. Many graduates who have been actively involved in university projects will lead the future ways. Generally, the formula student institution is considered a breeding ground for future engineers and leaders in business ventures associated with the industry.

Usage of Logos and products:

 Our team can use our sponsors brands and logos on our car. Our scientific work and effort from the ablest students may only continue through support. We gain knowledge of all products and companies that sponsor us and we advertise your dynamics.

Support of youth activities:

 Sponsoring our team, gives your company a momentum towards the populace at large. In view of a volunteering spirit, aiding youth and their scientific advances, leads to future investment projects in which youth will lead the way and Greek engineers and professionals will ultimately be prepared for careers they choose.

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