Prom Racing NTUA FSAE Team

Prom Racing is a research team that studies, designs and manufactures a Formula-type racing car, specially designed to participate in the competitions of the Formula Student, throughout one (since 2018) or two academic years. Formula Student attracts student groups from universities all over the world. In these competitions, students who are interested in Motorsport, are able to realize their vision and study on the manufacturing of racing cars. Thus, Prom Racing consists of students from different universities and specialisms, who have as the fulfillment of a common goal: the manufacturing of a fully functional and competitive racing car. Afterwards, Prom Racing takes part in FS competitions, in different countries. The nature of the competitions is such, that it requires creativity and innovation from the students, in order to become competitive against the well-established teams of these competitions. As in all competitions, so in the FS one, there are specific, technical or non-, rules and regulations. Nevertheless, students have the opportunity to act in a wide range of design ideas and suggestions, which results in every car being unique. This has been achieved by Prom Racing after 11 years of experience in the competitions. Each racing car of our team is unique and receives many awards and distinctions.


Formula Student is the world's largest engineering competition and was created in 1981 in America by the Society of Automotive Engineers. About five hundred teams from leading universities around the world, study, design and build a formula racing car, following certain technical specifications. Teams are not only evaluated based on the performance of the single track. For the final classification, additional factors are taken into account, such as mechanical design, costing, ease of construction and financial viability of the project. This competition has now become a front-line educational event and attracts international judges from the motorsport and automotive sectors every year.

The overall package of construction, cost planning, sales strategy and sales performance are crucial for rating.

Design & Manufacturing
Static Events
Dynamic Events


The competition is divided in two main categories: Static events and Dynamics events.
In order to participate in the dynamic events, each team must pass the Technical Inspection.

Dynamic events






Static events

Cost and Manufacturing

Business Plan Presentation

Engineering Design Event