Drawing upon our design and manufacturing experience from our last year's car and based on our experience and the feedback given by the judges at the competitions over the years, our team, for a second year in a row, aims to manufacture a Full Carbon Monocoque Chassis, which will be improved in several ways and designed to suitably match the new Powertrain. One of our basic goals is to keep the weight as low as possible, lower the center of gravity and increase the stiffness of the chassis and the suspension. The department of Aerodynamics has as its upper goal to use more specific models of research, which will be applied on the study of quite complex aerodynamic geometries. The high voltage sub-team, in cooperation with the vehicle dynamics department, chose, by the use of simulations and analysis, the new motor, the most suitable assemblies and battery cells. Moreover, tests are accomplished on the new telemetry system, with the aim of increasing the range and the transmission speed.

However, the most difficult part of this year's undertaking has been the finding of resources and funding, due to both the fact that a transition from a combustion to an electric racing car entails high costs and the unfavourable financial situation prevailing in our country, in general. Thus, in order to eliminate these difficulties to the greatest extent possible, we composed, since the beginning, a detailed budget, so that we know the financial needs that will arise during the year and we sought to offer a significant number of professional compensatory benefits, with the intention of attracting sponsors. These perks were categorized into sponsorship packages, always based on meritocracy. Furthermore, one of the main goals of our team is to develop close relationships with our sponsors, who are our supporters in our demanding endeavour.

This year, our Marketing Department is trying to establish Prom Racing as a well-known, recognizable brand. One of our highest priorities is to get the Greeks more familiar with the Formula Student Competition and, of course, to make known the Prom Racing's achievements to them. In order to accomplish this plan of ours, we reconsidered our whole marketing strategy and we decided to start off by following some basic steps. Specifically, we have reorganized our social media strategy and we tried to attract a permanent and loyal audience. Our marketing innovation is the "Prom Show", the official YouTube show of our team, in which the everyday routine in Prom Racing is presented and, additionally, a lot of challenges that our members have to face.

Last but not least, a better planning of the team structure has begun, via well-placed recruitments throughout the year, which will highly contribute in our team's most gradual transition possible to the Driverless (without a driver) Class of Formula Student over a time period of 2 years.